Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #6

13 Things I've Been Wondering About

1) Will I end up preferring life without the live in maid? Its surprising how quickly one gets used to such a luxury but Linmas's mom has been coming in for a couple of hours each day for two weeks now and life has been good.

2) Is the idiom "Better the devil you know, than the one you don't" just an easy way out of making a change?

3) Do I really wish that I didn't know about trans fats? After knowing about them, I see them in everything!

4) Did I really see Aaron try to eat dirt this evening?

5) When will Aaron wean himself? WILL he wean himself?

6) How many other 19 month olds out there DO NOT sleep through the night?

7) How much longer will the Legos entertain Aaron? He has been playing with them daily, several times a day, for nearly two months now.

8) How do you give a 19 month old a 1 minute time out? Does the clock reset if they leave the spot?

9) Richard's boss has indicated that they are extending his contract here for another two years. I wonder if we will end up being here for a total of 4 years. Will we get to upgrade the car?

10) Should I spend the money on a second hand piano or maybe an electronic piano now that I know we'll be here for longer? I really want to start Aaron young.

11) Will the internet be able to teach me how to play chess?

12) Will my parents, my brother and I ever live in the same city again?

13) We need to decide where to go during the May break. I've been wondering about Langkawi for the beach, Singapore for the zoo or Kuala Lumpur for its convenience. Where else? Brunei? Thailand? Vietnam?


Bilbo said...

I wish I had problem #13. The way things are going, instead of the cruise we'd hoped to take this year, we will be going to Germany to visit Agnes's parents. Not that I'm not happy to see them, you understand...but it's just not quite the same as lounging around a cruise ship, eating meals someone else cooks for a change. Oh, well...

Nap Warden said...

Currently The Little Man is eating a rock. Dirt...rock...I think it's a toss up:)

Kellan said...

So interesting, your thoughts and your questions - based on where you live and your situation and the culture surrounding you. So interesting.

Have a good evening Amanada - so nice to see you today - Kellan

elizabeth embracing life said...

My 20 year old played with lego's until he was 15 years, and loves to now play with his younger brothers. Both my older kids, and recently my younger three all started on a cheap-o keyboard. I wanted them to have fun, no pressure music time. The older two are now very accomplished musicians, the real piano introduced at 4 & 6. Just a few tidbits about your ponderings. Weaning...all of mine self weaned and the time frame was different for each.