Friday, April 11, 2008

Whinge about our house

I know I really should be the last person to complain about her house since we live here rent free. We don't even have to pay for electricity or water. I am grateful for how much this saves us and have grown used to some of the 'inconveniences' but on some days, like this, I really find it so hard to count my blessings.

The kitchen is terrible. Its so small that there is only room for a single sink, a bit of bench top for the microwave and then the two ringed gas stove. Everything else that you normally find in a kitchen is outside in the dining area. Fridge, cabinets, pantry, everything. And, the 'pantry' is actually some old mismatched wardrobe from somewhere. I live ok with all this on most days until something sets me off and I forget to over look things. Like today:

How gross is that? Thats the door to the 'pantry'. Who knows how many more live in there? I'll have to empty it out and give it a big clean this weekend. Eew!!!

The other thing today has to do with the ridiculous 2200W limitation we live with. The lights that came with the house were incredibly dim and fluorescent so, since we found out that we will be here for another two years, I have started to make small changes (big ones are definitely on the way too). Anyway, we bought some 100W yellow bulbs and fit them in yesterday. But guess what? The house can't handle it. AARGH! I'll have to find some other energy saving yellow bulbs.

There are lots of other things but two will do for today. We'll definitely be looking out for another house to move to but this was already one of the better ones. Anything better than this is brand new and owner occupied. Nobody here builds a new house just to rent it out. So, our other alternative is to spend a little money for some conveniences here. It doesn't make sense since we're only here for a short while but it will make things more pleasant.

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Kellan said...

Hey, I live in Texas and I often have lizards come in from the outside into my kitchen area too.

Have a good weekend, Amanda - see you soon - Kellan