Saturday, April 19, 2008

A glimpse of "Why?"

Before Aaron started talking, I, like any other mother, tried to encourage him as often as possible. I remember my mother saying something like "Enjoy the quiet time now. Before you know it, it'll be "Why Why Why" all day long". Well, he's not at that stage yet and without knowing what the future holds or what I'll be thinking at that time, I say this: "I wouldn't mind it at all since it means he is curious and anxious to learn about this world."

I remember an annoying little boy who used to ask that very question ALL THE TIME. He used to annoy the heck out of all my friends with his cheeky antics and his endless "Whys". I think some of them were ready to choke him to death! Anyway, that boy was my brother.

Last night as Aaron and I lay down for bed, and I asked him to close his eyes, he asked "Why?"

Amanda: Because its time to sleep.
Aaron: Why?
Amanda: Because its late.
Aaron: Why?
Amanda: Because its dark outside.
Aaron: Moon is out. Why?
Amanda: Because it wants you to start dreaming.
Aaron: How?
Amanda: Close your eyes.

Phew! I think the first "Why?" was actually Aaron's first ever "Why?". Immediately, my mother's words and my brother's cheeky face flashed across my mind. And as he asked the subsequent "Whys" I thought it was the start of a big long "Why" cycle that will last for who knows how many months/years!

Funnily, he broke it himself with a "How?" and there were no more "Whys?" last night. Maybe this is the trailer for "The Why years of Aaron"...


baby~amore' said...

Hi Amanda, Aaron sounds so cute - why ?
My eldest was like that and beleive me it never stops ... well it also becomes why not ?

I am waiting for it with the twins ... we get lots of NO NO NO here right now but no why's yet ?

Bilbo said...

The "why's" can be frustrating but, as you know, it just indicates that curiosity about the world. In my collection is a great quote that says, "I used to love the answers, but now I love the questions. The answers make you wise, but the questions make you human." I think that really sums it all up.

John said...

good luck with that!

Nap Warden said...

I think Aaron and Miss Peach would have a great conversation!