Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dressing Little Boys

I thought that having a little boy meant that there would be less fuss about what to wear. Certainly, its been the case so far. And while the shopping has been more challenging, since stores only stock about 20% boy's stuff versus the 80% cute, pretty, adorable and attention grabbing girl's stuff, it has at least been relatively inexpensive.

Usually, when its time to get dressed, I'll say something like "Lets see what we can wear today". Recently, Aaron has been answering that with either "Let me see" or "Aaron pick". And, surprise surprise, he's quite fussy!

He has his favorites and tries to pick the same ones every day. He has even tried getting them out of the dirty laundry basket. I don't ask him what he wants to wear anymore. Previously, it was just a question that I didn't expect an answer to, more like talking to myself. But now, he will inevitably answer "Wiggles Shirt!". Thats the No. 1 favorite.

He also zooms in on whatever new clothes there are. Maybe new clothes are like new toys.....NEW. On a couple of mornings, he has asked to change out of what he was already dressed in when he saw something else he wanted. Needless to say, I didn't fall for that trick. He'd have me changing him all day long if I did it just the once!

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Nap Warden said...

Miss Peach does that...The Little Man, not so much. Cute pic!