Friday, April 4, 2008

Lazing about Stumbling

Before Internet, I guess people lazed around reading or maybe just flipping through magazines. Or maybe they sat around flipping TV channels. I've been feeling a little lazy this evening and have been doing the online equivalent of lazing.

I installed Stumble Upon several months ago and its basically where I laze these days. Good magazines are hard to come by in Palembang and I find the internet more interesting than TV most of the time. So, for the past hour, I've been stumbling from site to it the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Here are several sites that I found interesting:

A Week of Food Around the World: I'm always comparing prices of things between Palembang and other parts of the world. Last week I mentioned that it costs me ~USD3 for half a week of groceries. This site compares a week's worth of food for families around the world.

Science of Cooking: Small site but has lots of interesting bits of information and 'activities' for some of the food. I think I'll try making a 'Naked Egg' one of these days.

Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids: Not a good looking site but interesting and has plenty of fun ideas for activities I can use in a few years. Hope I don't lose the bookmark!

Philosophy Games: Definitely a site worthy of lazing time if you're into doing little tests/quizzes.

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