Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Threety Three Today

Its here. I'm officially thirty three. Richard gave me a surprise birthday party last Saturday - his first ever! And I was impressed. He arranged for a decoy to get us out and then the remaining friends gathered here in our house. I really enjoyed the afternoon and felt so blessed to finally have some friends here in Palembang.

Today is just like any other day except that I've been told I don't need to cook any of the meals. Great! Thats as good a birthday present as any.

Friends from all over the place have been sending birthday wishes today. One particular one sticks out. Somebody actually wrote "So, what does it feel like growing old?". First of all, I'm thirty three. And secondly, we live in the 21st century. That is NOT old.

But what have I got to show for my thirty three years? Plenty! I'm contented, in good health and have everything I need. I have a fantastic family. And, I don't have a boss (really hated having one!). I like where I'm at now.

I don't have much to show by way of material wealth or rungs climbed on the corporate ladder. However, as I was thinking about that today, one of the measures of what I've achieved is actually the fact that I can honestly say that I don't carry any envy or jealousy towards other people who have "made it". They worked for it, they got it and I am happy for them.

I am sure people sometimes see this as being unambitious but it is really all the comparing and "why-not-me" attitudes that make people lose sight of what they already have. Or even what their potential is. Of course I have ideas and plans for us but its going to be our own motivation that drives us and not a scramble to have what somebody else has.

Anyway, I'm going back to Aaron. The one thing I wanted to do today was have an extra special day with him. Thats my present to me.


John said...

"I'm going back to Aaron. The one thing I wanted to do today was have an extra special day with him. Thats my present to me."

Sounds like a great present!
Happy Birthday!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday! 33 down 66 to go.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I love that last sentence too, I so get that.


GJ said...

Happy Birthday, Have an expensive wine and celebrate in style.

Bilbo said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda! Agnes and I send our very best wishes to you for a great day and many, many more!