Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Only Going To Say Things Once

I have a terrible sore throat. Had it since Friday and I think, it was somehow triggered by car fumes. We were stuck in a 20 min traffic jam getting out of the church car park and even though I had all the vents on 'close', I kept smelling that awful smell. And shortly after we got out of the church grounds, my throat started to feel strange. Anyway, it could be that, or it could just be a co-incidence.

The bottom line is that it hurts to swallow and it hurts to talk. I've been overdosing myself with garlic and ginger drinks and it has helped but not gotten rid of it yet.

Now this all sounds terrible but there is an upside to it all.

I've been home alone with Aaron the whole day. You all know he's two and a half. He's a chatterbox. And he usually doesn't act until you've repeated yourself about 50 times.

For most of today, I've stuck to saying things once. Although, I had to tell him a couple of times that I was only going to say things once. And guess what? I learnt something new. If I waited, and watched, he eventually did whatever it was I asked of him without needed to repeat myself. I do remember reading somewhere that young children aren't able to react immediately because of how their brains were wired - although they will eventually come around to processing that command. I can't remember where I read it so I can't even go back and check but maybe its true.

The hard part was not being able to have any conversations with Aaron. He really has so much to say and definitely needs some sort of response but I just kept nodding, frowning, smiling or pointing. Oh and another thing, my index finger alone was enough to direct the tidying of all his toys today. Powerful isn't it?!

He's a cheeky boy but he's a good boy too. And today, he has really proved that. He was understanding and tried his best to make my day easier.

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Mike said...

I'm glad you made something good out of being sick. That's hard to do.