Sunday, April 19, 2009

Children in Palembang

I often meet kids in Palembang and try to talk to them. They usually become shy or ignore me because I speak to them in broken Indonesian while they are more comfortable with the Palembang dialect.

Well, I found the key today. My camera.

I didn't say anything to them initially, I just took their photo and then showed it to them.

See how they are all lined up nicely here. This was one of the first photos I took.

Now look at these few shots from a few minutes later. They became extremely playful. And chatty too although I really couldn't understand everything they were saying.

This was the opposite of what the paparazzi do to celebrities. Here, a mob of "celebs" was chasing the lone photographer for more and more photos!


Mike said...

Aaron could have a whole new group of friends.

fiona said...

some of the children seem to love what they got. saw one or two carrying the books around tenderly and the soft toys are well-loved too. :)

fiona said...

Happy Models! Too cute for words ;-)