Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No More Fools Here

Its 5.08pm and so far, nobody in this house has played any tricks. We've all grown old and serious. And boring. So, I don't have any April Fool's Day 2009 stories to relay here.

However, the day has reminded me of the last time I played a joke on somebody. The "somebody" was my dad and my brother was my accomplice. And, this was just 3 years ago, to prove to my parents that they're kids had not grown up yet.

During one of my trips to Australia, I helped my brother move from Tasmania to Canberra. He had to drive his car the 800kms and I accompanied him. Our parents flew directly to Canberra. Anyway, during the move, we had to re-bottle his soy sauce in a used Fanta grape bottle.

As we were unpacking, we saw that my father put the soy sauce in the fridge. Aha! He thinks it is Fanta grape. Opportunity!!

After unpacking everything, my brother and I got ourselves some real Fanta grape and made a big show of drinking it, saying how cold and satisfying it was. It didn't take long for my father to ask what we were having and we told him that there was more in the fridge. It was so easy! He went straight for it. He never noticed that there weren't any bubbles there or that it was black instead of dark purple. OR that there was a strange smell.

Can you imagine what its like to take a big gulp of soy sauce when you're thinking of Fanta grape?? Obviously, my brother and I had a good laugh but at the very last second, I did have a fleeting moment of regret. My dad wasn't laughing at first but he joined us once he rinsed his mouth out. Phew!

Over the years, my brother and I have had lots of practice playing tricks on my father. He's always a good sport with things like this. We never dared to do much to my mom though. Until now....I think she's ripe for something big.


Nap Warden said...

Ewww...I have to go rinse my mouth out just thinking about it!

Mike said...

Today's the day to get mom. If today still is today in Palembang.

Bilbo said...

I think I'm glad I'm not your father. And I think Mom needs to watch out...

Anonymous said...

Oh .. hahahahahha! That's so hilarious. I can just picture it.

elizabeth embracing life said...

Oh this is a good one. I had a good one on Facebook today. All and all it's been rather quiet on the homefront considering the day on the calendar.