Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chillis In The Markets

One of the things that I have grown to like about Palembang are its markets. Initially, I was always tense and on the look out for icky stuff that I might step on. Now, I can relax while I look out for any icky-ness. Its also the dry season now so things are much cleaner without the mud.

As a precaution, I stay away from the chicken area at our usual market. This is together with the beef and fish, so, I usually stick to the vegetable section. When we do need some fish, I'll go to a different market that seems to have a cleaner fish section.

One of my favourite scenes comes from the chilli vendors. The reds and greens, combined with the onions, garlic and tomatoes make it the most vibrant. And, I'm always amazed at the little hills of chillis that are on sale. The Indonesians cannot live without their chillis.

Here is an example of the various types of chilli sauces available on the table at one of the local restaurants we go to.

The two jars with white tops are pickled green chillis (I think). One was whole and one minced. The orange and green bowls with covers are also different types of chilli sauces. The taller green bottle with red cap is yet another different chilli sauce. Towards the right of the photo, there is a white roundish thing (its a sort of cake) and next to are two small packets of chilli sauce that are specifically for that it. There is another bottle of chilli sauce hiding behind the chopsticks too. The rest of the sauces there were soy sauces and vinegar.

By the way, the sauces, tissues, soya bean drink (white thing behind the tissue box), steamed glutinous rice (greenish pointy thing behind the soya bean drink), steamed fish with chilli and coconut milk (green leaf packs to the right of the photo), chopsticks, toothpicks, little sauce plates and soup spoons took up half the table. Richard, Aaron and I had to squash on the remaining half.

I should be more adventurous with the chilli but my tongue needs more training!


Nap Warden said...

The colors in your first picture are fabulous! I'm thinking those sauces are too hot for my taste:P

Bilbo said...

Those are great pictures! I like various kinds of chilis and sauces, but there's an upper limit to what I like...if it takes off the first three layers of my tongue and gums, it's too hot!

fiona said...

Ditto Nap Warden on the photos.
I LOVE hot sauces!
40 press ups for your tongue RIGHT NOW!
Consider me your personal " tongue trainer" LOL

Mike said...

Love the pictures. Hate the hot stuff. I can tell even if there is a drop of hot stuff in my food.

GJ said...

I love my chillis, never meet one that was too HOT!! the truth.