Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Glimpse Of Palembang

Yesterday morning, I asked Iwan to show me how to get around with the public transportation system in Palembang. In a way, it is the easiest system I've come across. Even though the angkots are modified minivans and buses are buses, the fare is the same. Its also the same fare whether you're in them for 1 minute or 15 minutes. There aren't any designated "angkut/bus stops" so you just stand by the road and wave either an angkot or bus down anywhere along their route. To get off, you just call out to the drive. On the bus, you have to knock on the roof. The only problem would be finding out where the routes are but thats easily solved by asking anybody on the streets. Oh, there are also no timetables but it doesn't really matter because there are plenty of angkots on every route.

So, we went from our area to Pasar Perumnas. From there, we took another angkot to a place called Kenten. Then, we took a the bus from Kenten back to Perumnas again so that we could get another angkot home.

I've blogged about angkots before so you can go here for photos.

Today, I have a video instead. We were put in the front of the angkot on the way home. I think it was around 9.30am and we were just leaving the Perumnas market area.


Mike said...

Oh oh, home movies. I see a challenge coming up here.

Gratitude Gal said...

Wow, you can really be packed in like sardines, in there!

Bilbo said...

What an interesting step up from the still pictures! It's fascinating to see a slice of life as it actually goes on in Palembang...thanks!!

egan said...

I could watch those all day. Thanks for showing what it's like in your corner of the world.