Monday, September 17, 2007

Always something new

Having a baby really provides a person with surprises EVERY day. Its always something new even if its with something old. And sometimes, they surprise you by not liking the new stuff. Sometimes you prepare yourself for a deafening car ride home but instead, you find a peaceful, sleeping baby. Its just so unpredictable.

Last week, he crawled into a large wardrobe, sat down and tried to close the sliding door with him inside.

Yesterday, he figured out how to open the cover so the tube of sunblock and I found him licking it all up.

Today, I'm still waiting....

Good or bad surprises, I'm really learning to enjoy them all. As long as Aaron isn't endangering himself, somebody else or some precious inanimate object, I let him explore. Will I end up with a wild and uncontrollable child that gets into everything? I hope not. Afterall, it is just the natural curiosity of an inquisitive mind that is driving his actions. I make the areas he plays in as safe as possible but at the same time, I also have to try surprising him by mixing things around and offering a change to both routine and environment.

This really is the most on-your-toes, creative, fresh, crazy and fun job around. Sometimes, mothers just need to remind themselves of this in order to enjoy it.

After the wardrobe, he's been trying out all other cupboard space....trying to find his own space I guess.


Evelyn said...

He's trying to tell you that he needs his own space -- can't you tell, so, back off, eMama! :-D

I so want to play with him! WAAAAAH!!!

Just watch out for the laundry detergent or any cleaning stuff! Ex-boss told me one time that she had a daughter in the shopping cart, and before she knew it, daughter pulled a bottle of laundry detergent off the shelves and was wailing her lungs out. She got the detergent into her eyes... face... She was that fast.

number said...

Did Aaron get diarrhea after drinking the sun block?

Bilbo said...

Aaron looks ready to be a ... uh ... Cabinet Officer. He can't do worse than the ones we already have here! Bilbo.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Aaron's bedroom looks a little small.

Serina Hope said...

He is precious. H does the same thing. You can't keep her out of anything. Maybe he will grow up to be an explorer.

Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog) said...

Awwww, how cute!

Amanda said...

Yes, he's getting to that slightly dangerous stage of getting into everything so I guess we just have to manage the environment better.

Lots of funny comments from all of you today! Thanks always for leaving your thoughts/comments and entertaining me with them :)