Monday, September 10, 2007

Blokes Babies Breastfeeding

As I have blogged before, dads plays a huge role in breastfeeding success. At the ABA workshop, there was a session on this and they highlighted a new DVD (Blokes, Babies, Breastfeeding) with "men only content" to help new dads with the challenges of breastfeeding. It is written and produced by men for men and covers the importance of breastfeeding, tips on supporting the mom and bonding with the new baby. Presented with humour and with just 5 main points for men to remember, supposedly, the only thing missing is a cold beer!

Anyway, there is a preview of the dvd at Blokes, Babies, Breastfeeding. I have nothing to do with the DVD and I'm not getting paid to blog about it here. Just thought it was interesting and there might be some people out there who could benefit from this. Check it out or forward to any new dads/dads-to-be that you know.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I read in the paper that the fashion of wet nurses is coming back. That is mothers having other women to do the errr...breastfeeding.

John said...

Jean-Luc has given some trivia to help you break the ice. You can combine this with some comments about how you might qualify candidates for this job! Size, volume, taste, etc. Could be funny as well as informative.

Okay, maybe I'm thinking to much like a guy...but it could be funny, couldn't it?

number said...

"Breast Is Best!" what a catchy slogan...;)