Sunday, September 30, 2007

The New Brain

Its truly amazing to watch a baby's development. Each new skill learnt is so triumphant for both the baby and the parent. Today, I have been marvelling at his powers of observation.

We thought he had a good memory when:
- he could identify our house and lead us home from the park down the road.
- he could lead us to the pool a few doors away.

It was pretty cool when:
- he made a lot of noise and went crazy all of a sudden in the shopping center. He kept pointing backwards at something we passed. Then, we realised it was the corridor leading to the feeding room that we had been to a couple of times.
- he did the same thing in another shopping center for a different feeding room.

Today's mind blowing trick:
- We took him to Southbank Parklands for the first time today. There were hundreds of people about. The grounds are sprawling and we were meandering everywhere. We passed a girl holding a balloon in the shape of a green alien and Aaron went crazy with his 'Buh' sounds. We walked further for about another 15 mins and then turned back again. When we reached the same spot where the girl was, Aaron kept saying 'Buh' and pointing to where the girl was sitting even though she had left.

How did he remember? There was nothing outstanding about the location. It looked very similar to many other parts of the park. When did his brain develop to this stage? It makes me wonder about all the other developments that take place in the background that I just don't realise.

Here's a photo of the kids water area in Southbank. See the people? It was like that EVERYWHERE.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You're reflecting the joy of parenthood.

Bilbo said...

There's nothing in the world like watching a child grow and develop. Agnes and I visited our daughter and son in law yesterday and spent some time with Leya, who is now six weeks old. I was really amazed at how much "older" she looks, and how her personality is rapidly changing from constant squalling to careful observation of everything going on around her. She watches intently when you speak to her, and you wonder what she's thinking...hopefully it wasn't something like, "I wish grandpa would have shaved this morning!"