Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'll have what you're having

I've read that babies will reach the stage where they insist on feeding themselves, just like how the grown ups do. Well, I think we're there. We're also at the stage where Aaron is refusing to eat anything that doesn't look like what we're eating.

Just as we were getting into a great routine of making nutritious purees for him, he's decided that he's not going to eat anything that we're not eating. In a way, this is good because we can just cook the one type of food. But, it also means that I can't blend a heap of superfoods (like avocado, quinoa, brocolli) together and feed it to him because I certainly don't want to eat that. What did I expect? He has tastebuds too and if I don't want to eat the stuff I've been feeding him, why would he? At least I got a good 7 months of those foods into him.

He is also uncontrollable if there is anybody eating while he isn't. So, this afternoon, we were making Blueberry Smoothies for ourselves and of course, there would be no peace unless he got some too. The only difference is that his was made from not-so-yummy baby yoghurt and ours was from ice cream.

Oh yeah, we had to 'drink' the smoothies from bowls because the little boss can't drink properly from a cup yet and had to have it out of his bowl. So, we had to all look the same!


Bilbo said...

That's cute, and it's true...up to a point, children want to be just like their parents (although they get over it quickly, and by the teenage years, they can't get far enough away from whatever we're doing or eating). We used to have a dog named Wooly who was the same way...she had to have some of whatever we were eating or she wouldn't eat whatever was in her dish. One morning my wife cut up some leftover steak and put it in her dish...but Wooly wouldn't touch it until she also got some corn flakes, because that was what we were eating. Once we gave her a spoonful of soggy corn flakes, she was willing to eat the steak. Go figure.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds like you're going to be eating babyfoods for a while.

Evelyn said...

In the bowls, your blueberry smoothie looks like red bean soup. :-)

Serina Hope said...

They do look the same! Very creative there. I am impressed.

number said...

Next time Aaron will offer you his food to eat