Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fight Club

Well, not quite. But playing with Aaron is certainly starting to make us both look like we've been in some sort of fight. He really loves to tumble around and enjoys physical play. He's had a couple of minor bumps and is sporting an eye thats a little like a boxer's today but I think I'm the one thats been taking a beating.

So far, he has:
- head butted me and split my lip twice.
- caused multiple bruises up and down my shins from playing on the floor.
- probably re-fractured my previously fractured sternum by digging his elbow into me to push up.
- given me an eyeball ache by once again head butting me.
- bitten me in a moment of madness and left an ugly purple bruise on my arm.

Those are just the obvious injuries. I also have:
- an aching back from bending over and holding both his hands while he walks.
- a sore neck from always having my head at 90 degrees to my body while i play with him or read to him or just look at him.
- extremely tired gluteus maximi from pushing him up and down these hills. A good workout towards a Jennifer Lopez behind I suppose.

This really gives new meaning to 'No pain no gain'.


number said...

I am sure other kids might get bashed up by him in the future! He is a real BOY....;)

YO said...

A bit of fun :)

Bilbo said...

I don't mean to frighten you, but my daughter was still punching me when she was in junior high and I tried to wake her up in the mornings to get ready for school. She doesn't do mornings any better than her mother!

Serina Hope said...

lol He sounds like my Z in so many ways! You have a lot more to look forward to.

Blindsighted One said...

I hear chasing kids is the best form of exercise but who knew it could be so hazardous to your health! Hang in there.

Evelyn said...

He should be my personal trainer and it's free!

Amanda said...

Bilbo, Serina,
You are both experienced parents and know what you're talking about so...I'll prepare myself.

blindsighted one and evelyn,
its good reflex training too! good for martial arts hahahaha