Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby = Better Eyesight

Recently, I've felt that I've needed to wear my glasses less. When I wake up in the morning I often forget to put them on and don't even realise it. And when I'm feeding Aaron, or looking at him in bed, I find that he's blurry, until I take my glasses off.

So, I went and got my eyes checked and its official. My prescription has reduced in both eyes. In fact, I am straining my eyes if I have my current pair of glasses on. Its amazing! Before I had my glasses, I always wished I needed them. Then, after a year at work, I definitely needed them and hated them as well. Now, after 3 years off work, including 1 year of significantly reduced time in front of the computer and total dedication to Aaron, my eyes are 'getting better'. I wonder if another year will get rid of the glasses completely!

Aaron doesn't know what he's getting himself into by wishing he could have a pair of glasses. I'm sure he does WISH it because he keeps doing this:

p/s Those are NOT mine. And luckily, my mom no longer wears them.


JUST A MOM said...

haha how weird wish mine did that

Evelyn said...

Hee hee... Well, I guess as long as I'm staring at my laptop almost 15 hours/day, I'll be needing mine!

I went to get my glasses fixed yesterday, and will get myself another pair of funky glasses next year when I get my vision insurance. I didnt purchase the vision plan this year since I did that last year and it was a good plan... didn't feel the need to do it.

number said...

Aaron likes shades instead of prescription glasses