Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Coupon Collector

When I was younger, I never paid any attention to the coupons at the back of my shopping dockets. Now, I ALWAYS take a look and cut out the ones that I think will be useful. These, I keep in my car. Somehow, as wealth increases with age (hopefully) we also become a little more tight with it.....hard earned I supposed.

So, its just logical that my next step will be look for coupons online. Especially since there are people's birthdays coming up in September, October, November and then Christmas. Any and all savings will really add up. I've been looking aroundCoupon Chief lately.

My mother is one of the hardest people to shop for so, very often, I get her soaps, hand creams, bath gels etc. The Body Shop has some interesting offers available. It sounds boring but she really does enjoy some of these fragrant luxuries for her skin. If I can't find anything in this category, I usually look to something novel. A couple of years ago, we actually bought her a little gadget from the National Geographic Store that could read your mind after 24 questions. It really could!


Evelyn said...

I keep forgetting to bring the coupons along whenever I clip them, and by then, they have expired! So, these days, unless it's really worth it, then, there's no point having those coupons lying around.

number said...

I'd like a night vision monocular from the nat geo store but too stingy to spend the $$.