Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Farm Park

I can definitely see why New Farm Park made it to the Top 10 List of Brisbane's parks. Firstly, it is HUGE and looks fantastic with a rose garden around.

More importantly, it had an awesome playground that children of all ages can enjoy. Take a look at this incredible tree that all the kids are climbing on. I can definitely see Aaron on it in the future.

If they kids got bored of climbing the tree, they could climb on this rope pyramid. Look in the background of this photo.

For now, Aaron is content to go down and then try to climb up the slide. I spend most of the time stopping him from biting the sides of the slide (pole, swing, see/saw, tree etc) or putting the bark from the ground in his mouth but its all good. I wipe his hands with disinfectant wipes every so often.

I'm really really REALLY looking forward to enjoying the rest of the park's attractions with Aaron. It will be so much fun when he can climb around and walk through the the wobbly bridges and cubby houses.....I can't wait!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It looks beautiful, although health & safety would probably close it down if it were in England. They close everything that is any good.

Serina Hope said...

That park is lovely. I am jealous.

Amanda said...

Actually, I was wondering about the safety too but I guess the bottom line is that the parents have to be responsible.

Evelyn said...

That's a banyan tree and there's one in Singapore botanical gardens that the kids go crazy over trying to swing from one the roots dangling down. We had a go at it one time too. I always love parks, but even though the GG Park is here, I hardly go there mainly because it's farther away from me. I do miss the botanical gardens in SG a lot. Can't wait to spend time with Aaron in one. Bring him over will you???!

number said...

As a kid I was always afraid of those spooky looking Banyan Trees...dunno what hides behind them?