Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sleep and weight gain

One of the things I enjoy about coming to Brisbane is the news and current affairs programs they have. With Aaron around, I really only get to hear half of whats going on but this snippet caught my ears. Sleeping too little will lower your metabolism and this may lead you to gain weight. Then the reporter said something else that I didn't hear but it was something to the effect of the reduced amount of sleep being as bad as eating two cheeseburgers!

According to the research, adults need 8-8.5 hrs of sleep. It is only after you are 80 yrs old that your need drops to 6 hrs. I guess just like everything else that many people don't seem have time for (reading books, family, cooking proper meals) sleep is also on the list. Most people like sleeping but they are also most likely not getting enough. Do yourself a favour and go to bed early tonight.


Bilbo said...

One of the problems Agnes and I have is that, because she teaches ballroom dancing in the evenings, we often don't get to eat dinner until quite late...generally, right before bed. This isn't good, for exactly the reason you cite: lowered metabolism leads to impaired digestion and more weight gain, as opposed to engaging in some activity before bed. Or in bed, but that's another story. Us old fogies in training need lots of sleep, anyhow.

Amanda said...

Bilbo, I'm sure the ballroom dancing burns lots of calories and makes up for late dinners :)
Its great that you wait to have dinner together with Agnes (even though its late). Many couples seem to fall into the habit of eating separately because of busy schedules.

number said...

Pigs sleep a lot and yet they still gain weight?