Monday, September 24, 2007

I'd rather...

This isn't a meme. Just some thoughts that have been popping in my head because of this wretched cold. I really hate colds but it seems to be the only 'illness' I get. I don't think you can even call it an 'illness', just an annoyance. Not that I like to be sick but sometimes I think I'd rather have a cough than a cold.

I'd also rather:
Do the dishes instead of hanging out the laundry.
Have fantastic rhythm for dance instead of a beautiful singing voice.
Eat bread instead of rice.
Go to the beach instead of a hike through the rainforest.
Take photos instead of being in the photos.
Catch the train instead of the bus.
Get a massage instead of a manicure/pedicure.
Sleep on something hard (like my porcelain pillow or a Bible) instead of a pillow.
Spend money on a great meal instead of clothes.
Lose my hair instead of my teeth.


Evelyn said...

Hmm... Another cold? :-( Sorry, I kept missing you over the weekend. Need to catch up with you soon.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good thoughts there...many would agree with them.

number said...

Awful tasting garlic drinks definitely helped me last weekend when I had a running nose

Serina Hope said...

Wow, those are pretty good. I defietly agree with you on the hair/teeth thing. I sure hope that you feel better soon.

number said...

I'd rather....
a) drive a Mercedes than a BMW;
b) sleep on a king sized bed than 2 twin beds combined;
c) eat a burger than a hotdog;
d) watch tv than go shopping;
e) drink freshly squeezed fruit juices than coffee;
f) listen to my favorite old songs repeatedly than to the news;
g) smell the flowers than some artificial air freshener;
h) stay at home than go to work...;)

Bilbo said...

I'd rather:

1. Blog about the joy of children than the stupidity of politicians.

2. Read than watch TV (unless it's "Dancing with the Stars").

3. Listen to the wind in the trees than rock music.

I enjoyed your thoughts...and, like Serina Hope, I agree 100% with the hair/teeth thing (since my hair is going south in the back, anyhow).


Amanda said...

Cold is over. Don't know what sort of 24 hr one it was....probably just allergies.

I thought I would be alone in the hair over teeth one but I now know at least serina hope, bilbo and i are on the same wavelength.

and number, i think MOST people will agree with you on staying at home.