Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Violence does breed violence (except in my brother and me)

My mother used to buy these rattan canes that were hung threateningly around the house. I remember standing next to my brother with our mother sitting in front of us. She'd have the cane in hand and go through the list of all our evils. At the same time, she'd have us pulling on our earlobes and we'd be there with both hands pulling down hard. After all the crimes were recited, she'd ask for one hand. And we would, dutifully, stick an upturned palm out and she would flick the cane down (I'd like to say 'with all her might' but she didn't). Sometimes, it would be a flick for each misdemeanor. At the very very end, she'd say that we were banned from the Idiot Box for 1 week. That was the WORST part of the punishment.

Thinking back on this, I can't figure out why were were SO STUPID to stand there, pull our ears and then stick our hands out. It would happen every so often and each time, we'd do it even though we knew what was coming.

Anyway, I did try smacking Aaron some time ago when nappy changes were a nightmare but that didn't go so well. It didn't help me get the nappies on any more easily and instead, he started slapping me whenever he didn't get things his way. (Now how come we didn't do that to my mother?) Thankfully, he's forgotten all about that.

These days I just use my voice and then tap Aaron on his hand or leg or whichever body part is the offender. He gets the idea. For now.

So, today, when Aaron was pulling down the photos that I had stuck up in his room, I said 'Don't do that'. He just turned around, pulled another one off and tapped his own hand! I know I'm not supposed to but how could I keep a straight face? He had such a cheeky grin on his face while doing it too.


Bilbo said...

Rattan canes, eh? My father had an old razor strop, a long strip of leather about 3 inches wide that used to hang on the side of a barber's chair. If we were really bad, we'd get a swat across the backside with the leather. Dad and Mom also used to threaten us with TV deprivation, until they realized that we didn't really care and would use the time to read...which was better for us, anyhow.

Kellan said...

Yep - we are trying to raise our children differently than our parents raised us. I hope it works out for us and our children - don't you? Have a good day.

Nap Warden said...

My Mom used her shoe...Man she was quick with that thing. She did the TV ban as well, worst thing ever in my little world. Right now we are trying time outs, kinda workin', kinda not.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Enterprise Christmas Party Invitation is now on my Journal! Hope you can come.

Evelyn said...

Oh boy... Aaron did pick up on the cheekiness from Markie!!! Oh man, you're going to have a REAL handful.

Y'know, what I think your mom did was right, that she made you and Markie stand there and explain to you the "bad things" that you did and why they were bad. And that she hit you on the palm, rather than anywhere else on the body as that would probably hurt less. This is better than some parents who loses it, grab the cane and chases the kid around the house and then, canes them like a mad person (you can tell that I went through this). It didnt serve a purpose rather than I knew what I did made my parents mad, but didnt really understand why.

BTW, I thought your mom told me that Markie used to threaten calling social services whenever your mom tried to punish him using the cane? :-)

WorksForMom said...

Yep, times are different and we all recall what our parents did and what was / is acceptable. We're trying the timeout thing. Keyword: trying (as in it is VERY TRYING).

Serina Hope said...

LOL Aaron sound so much like my Super Z.
My Mom used to use my Dad's belt, which we had to go get out of the closet.
Getting your own punishment? The woman didn't play.

Amanda said...

Canes, old razor strops, shoes, belts....what were those parents thinking?! LOL!

I've tried the time out thing too, for 30 seconds but I think he's still a bit young for it to have any effect.

Serina Hope: Super Z sounds like a super fun kid. You two sound like you have so much fun. I'm looking forward to all sorts of 'adventures' with Aaron too.