Friday, November 23, 2007

Keeping Cool in Palembang

While the thoughts and facts below genuinely reflect my life here in Palembang, this post is brought to you by your friends at

I've complained about the Palembang heat numerous times on my blog. It would be great if we could have the air conditioning on all day long but due to the power constraints, we seem to only be able to run one at a time during the day. So, of course, Aaron gets priority for his naps.

Instead, I have the standing fans on all day long to try to keep the house cool. I don't particularly like them and they aren't very effective but thats what they seem to use here in Palembang. The ceilings in this house are too high for any ceiling fans to be effective but I find that in general, they work better than the standing variety.

During the nights, I have the A/C on because its too hot and humid to fall asleep. However, I often wake up, take a walk out to the garden to check on the temperature and then decide if I can continue sleeping if I turned the A/C off. I just prefer sleeping without the hum of the A/C if the temperature permits. The ceilings in the room are lower than the other areas in the house so I have the option of looking into ceiling fans if we can get approval from Richard's boss to pay for it! Some of these craftmade ceiling fans may fit in nicely.

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