Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aaron's Christmas Story

Aaron's grandmother bought him a book from the Little Golden Book series before we left Brisbane. It was 'The Christmas Story' and for the past two weeks, its his favorite book. He pours over this book cover to cover. We go through it 3298 times a day from front to back and back to front again. And, don't forget looking at every detail on the front and back covers. Like I said, COVER TO COVER.

I usually point to the pictures and tell him who they are and then its his turn to point at things. Yesterday, something funny started happening. He would point at the baby in the manger and then point to himself and say 'Aaron'. After pointing at the baby, he will point to Mary and then point to me and say 'Mama'. I can't figure out if he's identifying with the baby or he really wants to be part of the story! Maybe he recognized the mother-baby relationship. Who knows? I just found it so cute that he's conveniently found himself such a choice part in book.

The identification doesn't end there. He found the parish newspaper lying around and it had some different images of Mary and Jesus. Once again, he called them Mama and Aaron. Funny little guy!


Bilbo said...

I like the part about going through the book 3298 times a day. This is about how many times I've read Dr Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham" to each of my children and, now, grandchildren. It's nice that Aaron is making the connection with the figures in the story...children's minds work in odd and wonderful ways!

Kellan said...

Cute stories - I think it's so wonderful when they start seeing themselves and recognizing they are part of the world - awareness. Cool! See you soon.

GHD said...

How sweet! What a perceptive little guy!

I've been trying to explain Jesus to my toddler, too. No luck so far- hehe!

Evelyn said...

Yes, I think he's seeing the mother and baby connection. He's a smarty!