Thursday, November 1, 2007

Liar Liar

My baby lied to me. He cried wolf. One year, two months and twenty four days old! I can't believe it. I'm trying not to believe it. But I think he did lie.....obviously a white lie but still, a lie.

Aaron had a particularly hard time falling asleep at naptime and eventually gave up and walked around the room instead. I pretended to be sleeping already but he came around to pry my eyelids open. He started asking to me to open the door. I just ignored him. He tried clawing at it. Then it escalated to him wailing and banging his head against it. Meanwhile, I'm still 'asleep'.

He then comes up to me, presses on my face to wake me and then bangs his two fists together. Thats the sign I taught him to let me know if he's done something in his nappy and needs a wash. I'm always excited when he uses his signs and rushed him off to the bathroom. Nothing there. Could it be that he wants me to put him on the toilet? I tried and he sat for awhile. Nothing.

So we go back to the room, get the nappy back on and I went back to 'sleep'. He then went through the same routine again. Asking to open the door, clawing, wailing, head banging. AND....banging his fists. So I thought "Maybe he wasn't ready just now. We'll try again". Still nothing. And the time on the toilet? Filled with him singing and looking around everywhere!

Back in the room, its the same routine AGAIN. I ignored it this time. Pretended to sleep while thinking the whole time "He cried wolf. He made a conscious decision to communicate that he needed to go to the bathroom. He lied to me".

He didn't 'GO' the rest of the afternoon. Is it a lie? Or is it just him being creative in finding ways out of the room? Isn't that still a lie?


Surfergirl said...

thats aaron knowing how to make you get him out of the room haha. :) its like him resorting to 'urgent' measures! i dont think its a 'lie', it looked like he'd been trying all means/communication to get what he wanted and boom he found one that worked and now he knows what to use next time. cheeky! :D

Kellan said...

It's sort of a lie. But, they all do it!! They all look for ways to get what they want - even if it means telling little white lies. They all do it! And ... it only gets worse. Cute story. See ya.

John said...

Wait a minute, mom. Isn't pretending to be asleep a lie as well? Maybe young Aaron has learned about "faking it" from someone very to close to him.

Amanda said...

Haha! Thats true too! I was also telling a lie.

baby~amore' said...

that is so cute I don't think a lie ? who knows.

My little one signs for milk and I think it is amazing their little brains know what they want and communicate it.
Good point John.