Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Drain Woman in me

I'm loud and I know it. Not over the top loud but just not 'girly'. I talk loudly, laugh loudly and hardly whisper. This is what my mother tells me. She also has this theory that its because there was a group of "Hung Koi Por" outside our house everyday when I was learning to speak.

"Hung Koi Por" is Cantonese for "Drain Woman". In the late seventies, we lived in Ipoh, Malaysia and all the houses there had an open drain (not the gross kind) running along the front. They were clean enough for my brother and I to play in when I was about five. They were this clean because the "Drain Women" worked on them everyday. Keeping the grass out of it, stopping any weeds from growing and clearing out any rubbish that might have fallen in. They always worked in groups and of course would chat. LOUDLY.

So now, my mother keeps telling me to keep it down or I'll pass on my Drain Woman ways to Aaron. I can't control it though, its just my natural voice volume. And if I'm excited....I get really loud. At least I don't go high pitched. When I laugh, I prefer the open-mouthed, full forced, laugh with all my strength type. There's no fun in a muffled chuckle.

It might be too late for Aaron anyway. He has started to throw his head back and lets out really loud laughs. I wonder where he picked THAT up from?! And for a few days now, he sometimes carries on his babbling with the volume turned WAY UP. Its so funny to watch and listen to. I guess I encourage it too but I really don't want to button up that enthusiasm.

Here he is making some sort of basketball grunt! He must have seen that in the park...I don't do that!


Bilbo said...

I tend to be quiet, as do both of my sons, but my daughter can be very loud...usually when she's on the losing end of a political argument and volume takes the place of intellectual content. I like the "Drain Woman" idea, though. Why do you suppose they were so loud...was it their version of the old Disney "whistle while you work," or something else?

Nap Warden said...

I grew up in a loud house. My kiddos totally know how to turn up the volume...cute pic!

egan said...

The look on his face is precious. Is this also the same look he flashes when pooping? So you're one of those loud talkers eh? As long as you have something interesting to chat about, it's all good. Therefore it's all good.

Kellan said...

"Drain woman" - too funny and cute story! Adorable picture. Have a good day.

John said...

My brother has three year old triplets. One of them is a loud talker, one is sensative to his loud talking, and the other laughs a lot. When Zach is in the car, Ben is often seen with his hands over his ears saying, "too loud, too loud." When the boys are into mischief, it's Tyler's laugh that gives them away.

Funny t-shirt I saw on a youngster:


Evelyn said...

OMG! My mom is just like yours! Go figure! She even tells me to stop gesturing and espress myself facially. It's such an Asian thing. But there weren't any Hung Kui Poh where I grew up, so, I guess it's just the way I am. Y'know what.... next time, when you are tempted to burst out into a full throttle laugh in front of you mom, you should do the Japanese lady thing, where they cover their mouths and giggle. See what here reaction is?! hee hee

And, that's just a great pic of Aaron! He's going to break my heart after I spend more time with him, and btw, don't deny me from spending time with him when I'm back in M'sia! ;-) He's worth it.

Amanda said...

Bilbo: I don't know why they'd be loud if they were resting. But if they were working, they'd have to talk over the clanging of their tools against the drain. Maybe thats why.

Egan: No, thats not his poop face. For that he has his mouth closed and lips pressed hard together and his eyes are red. AND, he tries really hard to avoid eye contact.

John: Triplets sound like so much fun! Lots of work for your brother too I guess.

Nap Warden, Kellan: I'm glad you liked the pic. Its my favourite this week (so far)

Evelyn: I'm working on it!

number said...

Talking and laughing out loudly runs in the family I guess...;) My parents used to cane us until we become "the quiet type".

Serina Hope said...

This boy is too cute.
I come from a lousd family. We are all loud just trying to be heard over the others.
I love this post.