Sunday, November 4, 2007

9 Months in Palembang

We arrived in Palembang on 3 February 2007. This means that this weekend is our 9 month 'anniversary' of living here. Even though the days here are 'longer' than any day I spend anywhere else, the 9 months have brought so many changes and seems to have been over so quickly on hindsight. When we came, Aaron was 5 months and he was balding. This photo was taken the night before we left Ipoh, Malaysia.

Look at him today:

Maybe its a good thing that our days are long. Seeing these contrasting photos remind me that Aaron will only be a baby for a short while longer.

If you're wondering about that big white slipper, he likes to hand me my shoes whenever we're getting ready to go out. He usually brings ALL the shoes he can.


Bilbo said...

I'm getting a bit confused with all your travels! Where is home, really? Is it Ipoh, Palembang, or Brisbane, or do you rotate among them on a regular basis for job reasons?

Evelyn said...

Yep, he's growing, fast! And, it makes me sad that I'm missing it all. :-( He's this little dood now, and what's up with his hair? :-)

Kellan said...

Adorable pictures - just what I needed tonight! See you.

Serina Hope said...

Oh man, he is getting so big!! Even since I started reading you he has grown so much. you are right, those baby dies fly by much too quickly.

Amanda said...

Hi Bilbo,
Sorry for confusing you. I guess I have 3 homes!

Palembang is where we live at the moment. My husband is here on a two year contract for work.

Ipoh is where my parents come from and where I spent a few years growing up. My parents live there half the year. Its easy for us to fly back to Ipoh as the tickets only cost about USD22.

Brisbane is where I was born and where I did most of my growing up. My parents live here the other half of the year.

Evelyn: He just woke up....thats why his hair is like that.

Kellan and Serina Hope: Thanks for your compliments. You're both more experienced moms that I love reading.

Evelyn said...

He looks more and more like Markie, and I think he has probably inherited his uncle's cheekiness!