Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pictures from my Sunday

My Sundays are predictable but always enjoyable. We go for Mass at 6.30am and after that, we'll be at home for Aaron's nap and some play time. Lunch is our weekly eat-out meal and we've been trying to have something different every week. After lunch, we usually just head home again. The afternoon is then spent playing with Aaron at home or somewhere around the neighborhood. Here are some scenes from my day:

I've noticed these boys almost every week when we return from Mass. I think they're going fishing.

This lady is a door-to-door chungkol (translation: hoe - as in the gardening tool) saleswoman. We bought one for IDR15,000 (USD1.66) then paid her IDR5000 (USD0.55) for the photo.

A common snack cart selling fried tempeh, fried battered bananas and sweet potato, fried fish cakes. Yep, ALL fried. They LOVE fried stuff here.

Roadside barber.

These kids were trying to catch some little fish out of the drains.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Interesting views around the town.

Kellan said...

Amanda - you have a very interesting life in such a wonderful, rich environment, full of so much life and beautiful people. I loved seeing these pictures and thinking of you so far away and yet I talk to you every day. Have a good Sunday with your family. Kellan

Bilbo said...

I always enjoy your photos of life on the other side of the world. I'll have to start trying to put up a few pictures myself, just to keep up with you!

Amanda said...

JL: I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Imagine if we could actually have photos from the 24th Century as well.

Kellan: The internet does make the world so much closer doesn't it. Documentaries give a narration of life in other countries but blogs let other people see a place through the eyes of the people living there. Like me looking at the photos from your hunting holiday. Those were amazing!

Bilbo: I'm really hoping that you'll share some photos of your big Thanksgiving get together. Especially of the meal you're going to prepare :)

Kellan said...

Hey Amanda, come back and see me, I have something at my site for you. Kellan

WorksForMom said...

Wow, these photos were so interesting to view the other side of the world from your perspective. Each face tells such a story.

Serina Hope said...

I love these pictures.
I am so glad that you are my blog friend.
I get to see a whole different world through your eyes.
I hope that you had a great weekend.
I did !

Pamela said...

I can't remember if I told you that I have a dear friend who lives in Irian Jaya.

I get emails from her every weekend - and I am always amazed at the way things work there.

Kellan said...

Hey Amanda - you are very welcome - it is well deserved. See you later. Kellan