Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Online help for....Blackjack?

I was first introduced to blackjack when I went to an international school in Ipoh, Malaysia. There were only 4 in our class and things were sometimes ... dull. Poker was too complicated for 10 yr olds so blackjack it was. It was good for our math skills and the teacher didn't seem to mind! Till this day, its the only card game I know.

Of course, the online gaming (casino style) industry is huge now. And I'm sure there are plenty of people getting addicted online. The internet makes doing anything so easy. Just like with all other internet related services, there is even online support. The Backgammon Masters company launched a Live Customer Support feature that will eventually be available in 12 languages. You just log in to play and you immediately have access to instant help. Just like calling the bank or PC support online, the operator will ask you a few questions and then direct you to suitable support. It does make me wonder what help would be needed for blackjack though.

I'm definitely not one to gamble (although I like playing without the money) but I can't help thinking how effective it is to not only setup a gambling facility online but provide it in 12 languages. The support now is only in English but their software package already supports the other languages. I'd say that would just about cover the whole connected world. And the world is full of gamblers. Plenty who can't make it to real casinos! Not sure if its a good thing because gambling has ruined so many families.

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