Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Business Ideas, Business Loans

Lately, I've been trying to 'broaden my horizons' by not only browsing all the interesting, funny and relaxing blogs out there. So my time now is shared between the fun stuff (blogs), money matters (trading) and future opportunities. I worry about being complacent in life and getting stuck in a routine. I don't want any future potential opportunities to escape me because I didn't pay attention or have become too 'blunt' to grab it. I'm talking about the opportunities to do my own thing. Start a little business. Provide something for a niche market. Provide something for the mass market. I don't know....but I keep looking. Of course, I use the internet to get my brain ticking on this. You'd be amazed at some of the crazy ideas people have out there. The one stuck in my mind is the person who got himself a postal address in the North Pole so that he could sell Santa letters to parents for $10 each.

I also came across this website that helps people submit applications for business loans. Even THAT is a clever business idea. To provide other businesses an easy process and fast funding. Their website looks pretty user friendly and inviting too.

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