Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Years Ago...

WOW! Take a look at these photos. They were taken two years ago when we first took Aaron to Wynnum. I even had a short post on it here.

His hands and feet were still so chubby. At that time, he wasn't quite walking yet and was mainly just a 'stander'.

And here he is today (try to ignore my stupid shadow):

This time, he was very interested in the park. There was a seaside theme to it and he was Captain Hook. See the hook?

I've been thinking to myself recently that I enjoy Aaron more as a person who can speak but then I look at these old photos and remember how cute and cuddly he was. How could I forget that those times were fun and exciting too? When friends that I don't often meet look at the recent photos of him, there is always the remark about how time flies. I'm glad that I can say time has moved at just the right pace for me. I might have had some extremely slow days in Palembang but I think that has given me the feeling that things are moving at just the right pace. Thats something to be thankful for.


John said...

I've generally found that the age they are at the moment is the most fun age! God has a pretty good sense of timing!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

He has certainly grown. What a difference!