Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A New, Old Toy

We're still at the stage of introducing all sorts of 'new' things to Aaron just within the confines of the house here. Even something as mundane as the letter box has been amusing to him because we didn't have one in Palembang. The only problem is that he's starting to get bad tempered about never getting any mail. I've asked Richard to send him a letter and hopefully, it will arrive before he does!

Cassette tapes have also been providing all sorts of enjoyment to him. I never bothered to show him one before because I just don't play them these days. However, I came across some of my old favourites from childhood and he seems to enjoy them too. The two at the corner of the photo below are 'A Maiden's Prayer' (a compilation of famous piano pieces) and 'Brothers Grimm Fairy Stories'. He also likes my old 'Grease' soundtrack and a mixed tape of jazz favourites. The sound on both are still pretty good to me.

The little radio/cd/cassette player has a lot of travel miles under its belt!

My father bought it for my brother about 15 years ago. He bought it in Ipoh, Malaysia and brought it over here to Brisbane. We used it here for awhile and for some reason, accumulated several other variations of it. Eventually, there was only my mother in Brisbane and too many for her to use. So my father took this little guy back to Ipoh. When I moved back to Malaysia and was looking for something that could play tapes, I took it with me to Klang. And when I moved to Palembang, we took it there too. Once again, because of that tape player.

I've always had it in the back of my mind to introduce some of my old tapes to Aaron, thats why I keep lugging this bulky mini compo around. So now, you guessed it! We brought it back here to Brisbane and Aaron is finally fiddling around with it.

Its really cute to watch him use it. I always think of it as old and rough technology and don't really take much care in putting tapes in because they seem so sturdy. For Aaron, its something new and 'precious' and he appears to take so much care in putting the tapes in the right way or turning them around.

So, does anybody else out there still play their old mixed tapes?


Hip Mom's Guide said...

Wow, I have to say, 'no,' I don't even know where I'd find my old mixed tapes. It would be a great trip down memory lane, though!

That said, my kids have listened to books on tape since they were little--they'd provided me with welcome breaks & them with hours of amusement!

Bilbo said...

I have lots of old mix tapes, but very seldom play them any more. I also have about 10 linear feet of old 33-1/3 record albums, including many that we bought for our daughter when she was little (about 30 years ago!). I'm busy trying to get all the tapes and albums digitized and recorded to CDs, but it's a slow process...

Mike said...

Go back and reread Bilbos first sentence. Now do the same for the second sentence. Don't bother with the third.

Nap Warden said...

Oh the mix tape...I still come across them every once in a while...only now I have nothing to play them on:P