Friday, November 13, 2009

Me, mother of two? Really?

I really should get a move on with the preparation for this baby. We have been making half hearted attempts to get things sorted out every few days but I must admit that I haven't made a list yet. And, I am a list person.

With Aaron, we found out about 3 months into the pregnancy that we would be moving to Palembang. Shortly after that, we also found out that the house we were renting was being sold and that we'd have to move out to somewhere temporary before moving to Palembang. So we had to plan for two moves and a baby. I won't say it was easy but I had all the time in the world then to plan, make lists and actually do stuff.

Once again, this time around sees us with another major move plus the baby on the way. My rough plan was to get the move out of the way (which we have) and then I can focus on preparing for the baby. We'd not only have to prepare ourselves for the baby but we'd have to set things up for Aaron too.

I have all these ideas of planning out Aaron's days with a sort of curriculum for what he needs to learn. Previously, I was the only one with him so I just planned on the fly but now he may have different people engaging him on different days. At least I have been trialling all the potential activities that we can take him out to each week. I want to set up a routine for him so that it will be easier for us all to know what to do with him and also so that he will continue having all the individual attention and learning experiences that he has had so far.

There must be fairness, of course, but I find myself spending more time worrying about how Aaron will adjust to the new baby and less on the new baby adjusting to life outside the womb. I know that we have most of the baby clothes and equipment somewhere, its just a matter of getting them cleaned and put out where they can be used. In my mind, if I can get the nursing thing settled in a week (i.e. pain free feeding sessions), everything else will fall in place and I can still make sure Aaron is happy. And the baby, well, he'll be all cute, cuddly and easy to handle. (LOL! Yes, I'm laughing at myself too.)

I don't know...its just so hard to fathom being a mother of two! I guess I'll just have to experience it. The same thing happened with Aaron....couldn't imagine life until he was right there, screaming his head off in front of me.


Scott and Elaine said...

Hi Amanda,

I have another baby bath you can borrow if you want it. I used it early with Isabella and was useful as it has one of those slopped seating. But then she grew too big for it.

Mike said...

When my sister and I were growing up we had neighbors that had 12 kids. Imagine 12 kids for awhile. I should help you adjust to your upcoming situation.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You seemed to do everything right first time...just do it again!

Bilbo said...

Mike's comment is a good of my best friends in grade school and high school was from a family of eight kids. There were five boys (whose names all started with D: Dave, Doug, Dale, Duane, and Dennis), and then came triplet girls (Debbie, Denise, and Diane). I think you'll do fine with two.

vw: rebode - to be ominous again.