Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pregnancy Perks & Paying It Forward

Celebrities like Jenna Elfman may feel sexy when they're pregnant but ordinary people like me certainly don't. According to her, you've got to show off whats still good looking but if I were to apply that to me, then all you'd be seeing would be my arms from the elbows down. I'm really starting to look round and I've got that silly pregnant person waddle.

Anyway, looking pregnant (especially pregnant with little boy in hand as well) has its perks. Aaron and I had a wonderful morning today. I woke up full of energy and decided we would take the train to the city and then walk across the new Kurilpa Bridge to the State Library for Rhyme Time.

The train was very full and I thought that I'd have to juggle my big handbag, hanging on to Aaron and hanging on to the handrails. Nope. People were nice enough to offer me their seats. I think this may be the first time in my life! Later on, when I was lining up at the restrooms, a lady looked at me and offered to let me go first. It was a great feeling to come across such simple generosity today and it put me in a really good mood and I, in turn, found myself being extra nice to other people as well. The whole pay-it-forward thing was happening for me today.

On top of all that, I had a great time alone with Aaron. We strolled across the bridge and stopped multiple times to watch the ferries go under us. Aaron also had a good time with all the Nursery Rhymes in the library. And before we went home, I took him to the Museum (almost a weekly event) to visit the dinosaurs for a few minutes. They have a musical shadow show with five catchy tunes on various dinosaurs that he loves.

Here is a picture that I took from the middle of the Kurilpa Bridge. The city is on the left and the building to the right is the library. Its actually three photos that I stitched together...the individual photos look much bigger, maybe the panoramic view here has squashed it small (I have no idea). Please click on it to see it properly.


Mike said...

The picture blows up nicly. You can see the ferris wheel on the river bank.

Cool looking bridge. It looks like it's still under construction.

fiona said...

i certainly think you are living in a very nice place, with nice people. ;)