Friday, November 20, 2009

A Calendar For Activities!

I still can't get over how many kids activities there are each week here. Right now, I'm using a calendar to keep tabs on everything coming up each week. With Christmas coming up, there is going to be even more. And the best part of this all is that so many of these cost absolutely nothing!

My favourites are all the concerts and there are plenty of free ones. Something is going on in a park somewhere almost every weekend and we have been going to quite a few of these.

Today, we went for one that I had bought tickets for. It was AUD10 per person for the Christmas Capers by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. AUD10 isn't a lot of money but initially, I still wondered why I decided to pay that instead of just enjoying all the free concerts.

Well, I don't regret it at all and I'm already on the look out for another one of these Kiddies Cushion Concerts to take Aaron to. It was fun, had some educational value and tailored specifically for little kids. And of course, the orchestra was good. Its been such a long time since I've listened to any orchestra indoors that I was already thinking "WOW" when they started tuning! They played all fun pieces and had singing and dancing in between. It was of course all very casual and lots of kiddy jokes.

A few weeks ago, whenever I took Aaron to any place where there were many other little children, he seemed very tense and unsure of the crowd. As if he wanted to be part of them but didn't know how. Thats the downside of not going to school and so far, not having any group activities to go to. The upside is that he's picking up fast and today he was joining in and enjoying himself like everybody else. Phew! Thank goodness for all the free kids activities around Brisbane. I still try to balance him with plenty of time at home but these upcoming Christmas activities are irresistable.


Mike said...

"lots of kiddy jokes"

Most of the time these are the best kind of jokes. They're usually very punny.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It looks very enjoyable