Wednesday, November 18, 2009

He's Finally Head Down

I guess I'll have to start my visualisations now. A scan finally confirmed that the baby has turned itself around and is head down with 7 weeks to go. I believe in visualising but up until now, I felt that doing it for both a quick, calm, normal delivery AND a c-section wasn't going to be effective. I should have visualised the baby turning around but I didn't really bother with that either.

It started occuring to me last week that the baby may have flipped. I was getting constant jabs in my side ribs and these are getting stronger each day. Sometimes, they really give me enough of a shock to jump back. And now, he's using his head as a battering ram downwards! If he's not doing that, he seems to be moving as if he's trying to flip himself back the other way.

Anyway, everything is good. They did all the other growth measurements and I don't have anything to worry about. Not for the baby anyway. BUT, there is a number stuck in my mind - 8.57cm. Its the baby's current head diameter. Great number in terms of baby's growth but when you think about it a second longer...not so great. On top of that, I Googled the average diameter of a newborn's head - 11cm! I shudder when I think of these numbers.

All I can say is that I've done it once, I can do it again. Faster this time :)


Mike said...

Flipped over, head pointing towards the exit, legs tucked ready to push. The starting gun is up!

fiona said...

Yay, he's turned! :)

egan said...

I for some reason keep forgetting that you're pregnant. I won't forget next visit.