Monday, November 2, 2009

Aaron's New Pets

When we got to Brisbane, over a month ago now, my brother gave Aaron an Ant Farm Kit. They tried looking around the house for ants but all we had were bull ants and at that time, my brother thought they were too dangerous for Aaron since they bite.

Well, for the past few days, my father and Aaron have been hunting for ants around the neighborhood but in the end, today, they decided that it was going to be a Bull Ant Farm.

Back in July, I did a Photostory Friday post on ants and had an incredibly fascinating time observing them at work. Now, we can observe them even closer and they truly are very captivating.

I feel a bit bad about 'imprisoning' them this way so maybe we can rotate this batch of ants with another batch in a week or so. I wonder how long they'd last anyway....

I've told Aaron that he needs to give them water and food every two to three days. Lets see how responsible he is :)


Mike said...

That's one thing I never had as a kid. An ant farm.

Also, I had never heard of bull ants. So I went to wikipedia.

Do those things come with leashes?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

An interesting lesson in responsibility, Amanda.

Bilbo said...

I had an ant farm many years ago, and found it fascinating. Aaron will probably enjoy it, too.