Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Would you think of food....

...on your deathbed?

My father and I have very similar tastes when it comes to food. And, our tastes are almost the complete opposite to my mother's. I wouldn't be too far off if I said that my mother thinks of food purely as a source of nutrients to keep her body functioning - and thats all. She rarely craves any sort of food and tries to tell us that things like brown rice with stirfried vegetables (with no seasoning) is as satisfying as something like Peking Duck.

I'm not judging my mother here, just making observations. If she has really convinced herself, or perhaps she really does enjoy food like that, then good for her because she has a super healthy diet and she keeps the rest of us in line too. My father and I are healthy eaters too 80% of the time but that tends to work towards us planning extra tasty and perhaps slightly less healthy meals every now and then.

We had a particularly tasty and unhealthy meal today and my father and I were going on about how good everything tasted (my mother didn't eat the unhealthy bits). One thing led to another and eventually, we were having a discussion about how my father will have many more rich (and tasty) encounters to remember on his deathbed as compared to my mother because she didn't take pleasure in food.

Anyway, as always, my parents provide a good balance in our family and while both my parents agreed that they would probably not be thinking of food on their deathbeds, it has left me wondering what I would be thinking about.

I do think about food a lot of the time and its not inconceivable that I might think of some last minute tastes I'd like to have in my mouth. Maybe that might be the case if I were to live a long and fulfilling life. But if the end was to be right now, I think all I'd be thinking of would be Aaron. And it would probably be selfish thoughts like how I wouldn't be able to cuddle him anymore instead of worrying about him not having me around to raise him.

What morbid thoughts!! But, its good to think about things like this once in awhile. It makes me overlook things like Aaron's whining and helps me take the gentler approach to stopping those noises.


John said...

I love food! I've been accused of directing conversations toward food at work or asked, "How come we always talk about food when you're around?"

I've even been called on the phone by co-workers that are looking for a place to eat for suggestions!

Hey, criminals sentenced to death get to choose a last meal. So if you're dying and you know it--why not have some of your favorite foods at the end?

Mike said...

@John - I wonder if a Ted Drews on dry ice would last all the way to Australia?

johnorford said...

i gotta say i am not a big food lover, i like my food but i know some that obsess over it. sorta weird...