Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back Talk Expected

No, Aaron isn't quite doing it yet but sometimes he really says things that make me wonder what I'm going to be in for in the future. I think its safe to categorise him as a chatty little boy. When we're at home, he talks the whole day long, non stop. If there is nobody to talk to, he just talks to himself. When we go out, its still unpredictable. Some days, he'll start a conversation with a complete stranger and other days, he won't say a word, even if its to one of my friends that he has had previous conversations with.

I think all children go through the annoying phase of talking back to their parents. I know I sure did and one day, Aaron is going to do the same to me.

Today, I heard my mother asking him to pick up her blanket because he had deliberately pushed it to the floor. He says, "Why? Its yours." Its a rude answer but in a way, I think I'm to blame because I always tell him to pick up things and when he asks "Why?", I tell him that its his stuff.

Anyway, this goes further. He leaves the room and comes to me while my mother is speaking to him. And when I ask him why he just left like that when somebody was speaking to him, he says "Now I can't hear her. She expects me to pick up her blanket."

At least he told me why he did it so it was easier for me to turn the whole thing into a learning experience on what sort of behavior is unacceptable. I honestly never expected my sweet son to have such rude thoughts and intentions!

So, this situation wasn't exactly back talk but somehow, it made me think that if I'm not careful, I'm going to be in for some seriously hurtful talk from him. At least he's still very receptive to people teaching him right from wrong at this moment. And, I know I have to cut back on my own sarcasm and uncharitable remarks.


John said...

Boys will be boys...stupid, self-centered jerks.

Still sweet kids to our mommas, but...

Mike said...

You have to start saying, It's yours and YOU put it there. And then see how long it takes him to 'out logic' you again.