Wednesday, May 23, 2007

6 hours

This is a major milestone in my little boy's life:

Last night, he slept for 6 whole hours.....6pm-12am.

I did not do anything different so I have no idea of how to encourage this type of sleep again.

This is great encouragement in the face of people telling you to train your baby to sleep for your own good. They don't believe you when you say you're not tired waking up every 3 hours every night. It is true though...I'm not tired doing that because we co-sleep with Aaron. I just pop him on and snooze while he feeds. He drops off at some point and quite often I don't even realise it.

OK, so its one night of 6 hrs. I don't have high hopes for a repeat performance tonight but I know that he will, in his own time, do it more often.

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