Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Heavenly Bed

Finally, we got to go on our holiday to Bali. I've been dreaming about the Westin Heavenly Bed since we decided to spend the money on a good hotel. The mattresses here in Palembang are killing me so the decision to SPEND on a bed wasn't a difficult one.

Aaron seemed to love it too. He went for naps and was incredibly reluctant to wake up each time. Also, he slept about 4 hrs straight at night. It was AMAZING!

The bed was fabulous but my favourite memory of the holiday was lounging on one of the day beds overlooking the ocean, with Aaron playing contentedly by himself, and Richard and I pigging out on some leftover KFC. Bali is still Indonesia but there was none of the horrendous heat or humidity by the beach.

Lets see, what else did we learn on this trip....

1) Ordering room service is not much more expensive than wasting time going out to buy food from outside.

2) When staying at good hotels....complain when things AREN'T good. We had a leaky bathroom, complained and got free massages.

3) In this world, you get what you pay for. The massages were incredible. So different from any RM30 ones we have tried. Good things no cheap, cheap things no good!

4) Pampering yourself occasionally is not being indulgent.

5) There are still honest people in this world. I dropped my wedding ring somewhere around the pools. Richard went back there several hours later and found that someone had left it on one of the side tables.

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Minghan said...

do u know that they actually sell the bed? i think for rm8888. do they have heavenly shower in that westin as well?