Sunday, May 27, 2007

Do you know what thumb sucking is like?

I do. The second you put your thumb in your mouth and close it, you're immediately enveloped by feelings of contentment, comfort, tranquility and happiness. Its bliss....heaven even. Of course, I didn't know how to describe it this way when I was a thumbsucker but luckily I didn't break the habit till I was *xxxxx* so I still have the memories of how it felt like to be able to describe them to you today. I don't think many parents understand how powerful thumbsucking is.

Aaron is not a thumbsucker. He's a index-and-middle-finger sucker. Personally, I can't imagine this being better than thumbsucking since the nails will hit the roof of the mouth....but he likes it. Just take a look at how peaceful and content he is when he's at it.

Aaron has had issues with sleep since he was 3 days old. He's only recently began to soothe himself to sleep (occasionally) and BACK to sleep (once again, occasionally) by sucking on his fingers. This has given me many precious minutes of extra sleep and extra time for things like this blog. But I know that this is a habit that we're going to have to break sooner or later. I must be digging my own grave now for letting him continue with it. I justify it to myself by saying that its not as bad as my habit since he pulls his fingers out the second before he falls asleep. This habit is starting to have side effects though - a little blister on his finger.

For now, I'm trying to limit the finger sucking to when he needs to communicate hunger or is trying to sleep.


Nyree said...
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Amanda said...

Thats what I was worried infection on that blister. But its subsided now. PHEW!

Angela said...

I found this when I googled blister from thumb sucking...and I was surprised to see another finger-sucker! My baby boy sucks on his middle and ring fingers on his right hand as a soothing technique. His teeth just started coming in and I was panicking when I saw a big blister--almost identical to the one you pictured--on his finger. At first I thought it was an ant bite but he wasn't acting hurt by it at all.

Anyway, I was just glad to see another finger-sucker out there!