Sunday, May 27, 2007

I love this outfit!

Aaron was given this outfit around November last year. Of course, it was too big for him then so I kept it. We've been waiting for an occasion for him to wear it because its just sooooo cute and in the end, the first time he wore it was in KL. Unfortunately, its already a little too short for him. But it looks SOOOOO ADORABLE. So, even though its a little warm here in Palembang, we dressed him in it to go to the 6.30am mass this morning. We still don't know anybody here so there was nobody to show-off the new outfit to. Hence, this post with all the photos!

See how strained the pants are against his diaper?

Its noisy but I love looking at this face!

Doesn't he look like a big boy now?

I actually like that gap between his top teeth.

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Surfergirl said...

aaron looks so cute in that outfit :) he looks like a grown little boy.
i tagged you for the alexa train to hopefully increase our traffic