Saturday, May 26, 2007

My own Ladies Fingers

My ladies fingers, also known as Okra. Can you see them? They are quite tiny in this picture but since I took it, I have harvested 6 and eaten them. We planted them around the beginning of April so it has taken us nearly two months for this first harvest. They are just starting out now and different plants are at different stages so we haven't been able to collect enough to make a decent sized dish. We'll get there soon enough because all the plants have little ladies fingers on them now.

They are my favourite vegetable but unfortunately one of those that cannot be bought in any market here in Palembang. There is another Malaysian house near us that also grew them. They were growing like crazy but the maid there told me they got so tired of them that they cut down all the plants and planted spinach instead. So...I'm looking forward to lots of Ladies Fingers.

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