Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unexpectedly Uplifting Statements

As I've often complained here on my blog, people (family, friends and strangers alike) like to tell me that I need to get myself a daughter. People usually remark that the two boys are going to be a handful and that a daughter will be easier. More importantly, I can dress her up in pretty dresses! What they forget is that even if I decide to have another child and if it was a girl, I would still have the two sons. And, they would probably be harder to handle because I'd have even less time seeing I'd have to be shopping for all those pretty dresses for the girl.

Anyway, a lovely lady surprised me the other day. I have recently started going back to my clogging classes and on my first day back, this lady asked me where Aaron was. Previously, I brought him along to the classes but I thought he might be too distracting now. He had become very friendly with everyone and chats with them the entire time. So, I told the lady why I didn't bring Aaron along and she said these words that made my day:

"I don't like boys who behave themselves. Those who sit quietly in the corner are no fun at all."

And, she really meant it. She likes the energy that little boys bring to a place. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that she has three grown sons but whatever the reason, those simple words somehow made me feel very happy. (And somewhat proud of my cheeky son.) That affirmation amidst all the usual comments that I receive was extremely refreshing and made me feel a little less apologetic about the disruption that the two of them sometimes cause.


Mike said...

Guys are entertaining aren't we?

clogging classes - When are you going to post the videos?

Bilbo said...

I took clogging classes once, but I did so well that I ended up paying plumbers to un-clog the ... what? ... oh ... never mind.