Monday, September 6, 2010

First Words : Mum Mum Mum Mum

Adrian is talking!

"Mum Mum Mum Mum!"

It sounds like he's calling me but he's actually asking for food. I don't know what other people's baby talk for food is but ours has been "Mum Mum". Actually, I hear it a lot in Malaysia amongst the Chinese so maybe its a Chinese thing. It mimics the way our mouths move when we chew.

Now, whenever Adrian sees me getting his food ready, he gets very excited and goes "Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum ... ". If I'm a bit slow in feeding him, he says the same thing too.

Sometimes, when we leave him on the floor to play while we have our meals, he'll quickly crawl over and yell out "Mum Mum Mum Mum ...". Its so cute! (You'll have to take my word on that.)

Elizabeth left a comment some time ago saying that "the days are long but the months are quick". This is so true. Before I know it, Adrian is going to be walking around and yelling out all kinds of other words. Just look at Aaron, he's running around and sometimes yelling out words that I'd rather he didn't yell out!

Here's the latest photo of Adrian. Meal times are always so hectic and messy that I haven't pulled out my camera yet. I really should one of these days since Adrian's first words are for food.


John said...

Very cute.

The months and years do seem to fly by. My baby came home (from college) for the weekend--but it was to see her old classmates, not her dad.

Bilbo said...

Time really does fly by. This past weekend, we had four generations of the family together: my Father is 87, I'm just shy of 59, my son is 36, and our oldest grandchild is 10. Quite a return on the investment of time! And your line about "...he's running around and sometimes yelling out words that I'd rather he didn't yell out" rings true to every parent. Great picture of and Richard can be very proud!

Mike said...

FEED MEEEEE!!!!! - I like this kid even more.

Amanda said...

John : I'm sure she was back for you too.

Bilbo : Richard suggested that we try to switch to Mandarin only at home so that if he yells something out in public, less people will understand!

Mike : Y'know, I think that boy is going to make me poor with all his eating. He doesn't know how to stop.