Sunday, September 26, 2010

* PRIVATE * Keep Out *

Up until 4 years ago, I never gave much thought to privacy. I'm referring to my own private time, space and thoughts. I took it for granted because it was so readily available. In fact, it was more often the case that I wished there was somebody else in my space.

Life now is very different. There are moments in every day that I wish I could sit in my own space somewhere, for a duration of time that I decide upon and just think quietly. I now have to fight for privacy. I understand that and accept it because I live with two little people that have absolutely no need or desire for anyone's privacy, including their own.

I wonder how we evolve into beings that seek privacy. Aaron and Adrian don't ever seem to need it so its not a need we're born with. Mike had an insightful post on dogs yesterday. Several of the points describe the behavior of young children and in a very high level and simplistic way, you can say that kids (and dogs) love people and life, without restraint. And maybe, its because they have such a passion for everything and everyone around them that they don't have a need for privacy and can't understand why the (worn out) grown ups do.

One of the most obvious of private spaces is a person's room. Adrian is still sleeping in a cot in our room because its easier for me throughout the night. However, I do have (distant) plans on moving him in with Aaron.

I like the idea of the two of them sharing a room and one day, I thought I'd test what Aaron's reaction might be. He surprised me. I thought he would be protective of his space, his toys and HIS things in general. But instead, he became very excited. When we talked about re-arranging his room to include another bed for Adrian, Aaron looked at me and said "What for? Can't he just sleep on my bed with me? I'll sleep on the outside so he won't fall off."

I'm sure that one day, probably not too long from now, he's going to not only want his own bed but his own room (and then his own house!). But isn't it refreshing to see such openness and a complete lack of the need for personal space? My brother and I shared a room until we were 8 and 10 even though we fought like crazy when we were kids. We also had plenty of good laughs of course. While the need for privacy isn't all that strong, I think its a good thing for siblings to be in each others faces and lives for a few short years. When they do grow to have that need for privacy, I'll respect it.


Mike said...

The empty nest feeling will come soon enough.

Bilbo said...

My brother and I shared a room for much of our time at home. It was an adventure, since we are very different people with very different interests. I think, though, that it was a good thing in that it taught us both to respect each other's space as well as share things.