Monday, September 13, 2010

Palembang United

I love looking at Aaron in this shirt. Manchester United is Richard's favorite football team and we got these PALEMBANG United T-shirts for the both of them just before we left.

At first glance, it looks just like the Manchester United emblem, right? But when you look closely, you'll see the famous Ampera Bridge there. And of course the word 'Palembang'.

He wore the shirt to a free soccer class for little ones today. I think this is a Brisbane City Council sponsored event and has been happening every Monday for the past few weeks.

The class was very imaginative and used lots of fun games to get the kids dribbling around the park. They played statues and there were plenty of hilarious poses from the kids but my battery was flat by then.

I'm not a big soccer fan at all. For me, its right there next to golf as the last things I want to watch. And yet, its a whole different game when you watch your own son with the ball. They aren't even playing any games yet!

p.s. Did you pick him out in the group shots? He took his hat off so look for the boy in the white T-shirt. I should have taken a video...he was gooood.


Mike said...

The ball is about one quarter his hieght yet.

NomadicExpat said...

Oy, mama! He needs a cooler i.e. more hip hat/cap to wear lah! :-D I love watching soccer (like once every four years...)... can't wait to see him play!