Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Modern Cloth Nappies

Look at the time! I've been so distracted looking at Modern Cloth Nappies that I haven't even done my blogging rounds yet. We're running low on the disposable kind and right now, I can't seem to find them on sale anywhere. The last time I bought some, they worked out to be $0.34 each but today, they're all up around the $0.42 mark. $0.08 doesn't sound like a lot but when you know you can get something cheaper, you want to get it cheaper.

We actually use cloth nappies during the day time and disposable ones at night and when we go out. I have a stack of Old Fashioned (now called pre-fold) cloth nappies from Aaron and just naturally used them for Adrian. I know many of my regular readers are men so, for your information, Modern Cloth Nappies are cloth ones that have been sewn up with snap ons or velcro and you put them on just like disposable nappies. They have elasticized legs as well to keep things contained. And of course, they come in lots of funky colors.

So, if we count just replacing all the night time use with a cloth nappy, I would save anywhere between $124 and $211 a year. Doesn't sound like a lot does it? The Modern Cloth Nappy is going to cost me something like $30 each and I think I'll need at least two. I might end up saving roughly $300 from now until Adrian is toilet trained. It may not save all that much in the big scheme of things but there would also be the other benefit of saving the environment. Did you know that they take up to 500 years to decompose?!

So, my final verdict on Modern Cloth Nappies is that we'll give it a go.

This might be more than you need to know about nappies but let me tell you, after 'sleep', 'nappies' are the number two thought in my head when it comes to the things I need to do for the baby. 'Food' is only number three. Look at that order of things: Rest, Output and then Input.


Mike said...

"Rest, Output and then Input"

This sounds like the life of a retired guy.

Fiona said...

not sure if you're familiar with /are already using nappy tissue lining. nappies with no. 2 jobs done are a pain to wash! :)