Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Superhero

Today is Father's Day in Australia. So for today, let me tell you
about mine.

Yes, my dad is a superhero (and so am I since I'm his daughter). We have super parking powers. I'm not kidding! Whenever the both of us are in the same car, we always find parking spots. It doesn't matter where we are or how crowded the place is. When we're together, we always find a spot quickly. AND, its always a good spot where we don't need to walk very far to get to wherever we're going.

I've attributed the super parking powers to the fact that my father and I are always in a good mood when we're together. If we're in the car together, we've probably spent most of the journey talking and laughing. Therefore, the car is oozing positive vibes. You've all heard about positive thinking right? When we enter a car park and start looking around for a spot all that positive energy must do something for us.

My father is the most easy going person I know. I almost want to say that he is never in a bad mood but there are some rare times when he gets cranky. I know he worries about things too but the difference between him and many other people is that he seems to be able to worry about one thing at a time. Some may say that it is because he is lucky in life but it is also his laid back attitude towards things. And the fact that he looks to have fun every day.

He has been the type of father that has taught by example and guided us without being pushy. You can probably guess that he was not the disciplinarian at home. He is the fun parent! Even today, he is the one to go to if you're looking for some junk food. I can already see that I'm much more like my mother than my father in terms of my parenting style but I hope that some of his attitudes towards life has rubbed off on me too.

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John said...

Happy Father's Day to your dad and to Richard!